Encouraging Your Child to Potty Train

December 02, 2017 08:19 AM

Potty training is a transitional stage for the child and the mother alike. Once the child learns to use the toilet, he will become more independent, and you will get rid of the annoying diapers and wet wipes. Initially, potty training can be a daunting experience. That’s why we will give you a few tips to help you through this transition.


Communicate with Your Child

It is important during this period to introduce what is going to happen to your child. Communication is essential throughout the potty training experience.

Make sure that your child is aware and accepting of this change, and that he is eager to start potty training. If he refuses or shows signs of resistance, it would be better to quit and start over after a while.


Buying the Proper Equipment

It might be useful to take your child shopping! Let him choose the color of his underwear, as this helps encourage him to start potty training.

There are several kinds of potty training chairs available: a potty seat and a potty chair. It is a good idea to get both and to experiment with which one your child prefers.


Teach Your Child the ABCs of Using the Toilet

Go through the necessary steps of using the toilet with your child. You can start by showing him how he can take off his clothes. Then you can teach him how to wash his hands.

Most importantly, make sure you teach your child the basics of hygiene to avoid germs from spreading. You can encourage him to dry his hands with specially decorated hand wipes or towels.


Rewarding Good Behavior

Make sure to reward your child whenever he successfully uses the toilet, to encourage his good behavior. You can simply reward him with a sticker, a smiley face drawing on his hand, or a piece of candy, or allow him more playtime with friends.


Learning from Stories 

There are tutorial videos that teach children how to use the toilet. You can use these videos, as they show the process in an amusing way. It may also be worth trying to tell your child some fictional stories, as this may encourage and motivate him to use the toilet properly.


Using Toys to Motivate Your Child

Children tend to get attached to their toys; therefore, you can choose his favorite toy to demonstrate how to use the potty training chair. Also, you can put stickers on the walls to motivate the child to use the toilet.



Potty training is a demanding task which requires a lot of patience. As children differ in the time they need to train, never rush this process or attempt to begin before your child is two years old.

Make sure your child is ready to achieve the desired result and be patient whenever he doesn’t use the toilet and wets his clothes.

If you’re a working mother, we recommend you apply for a vacation to train your child.


In the end, rest assured that your child will eventually learn the process and you will be very proud.