Pregnancy Cravings

December 02, 2017 08:26 PM

Women all over the world will experience food cravings during pregnancy. Some of them will crave and demand sweet or savory snacks, others might be repulsed by foods they used to love before pregnancy, and there are those who will desire unusual and bizarre non-food items, such as clay and charcoal.

But what is the primary cause of these cravings and how does the science explain it?

The main reason for pregnancy cravings remains a mystery to date; however, science suggests that it can be the result of the many physiological and hormonal changes happening to the woman when she is pregnant.

Other research shows that pregnancy cravings may indicate a deficiency in some nutritional elements which the body needs. For instance, craving cheese will indicate calcium deficiency, a vegetarian woman craving meat will indicate iron and protein deficiency, cravings for sour items indicate vitamin C deficiency, and so on.

Some people will even associate the food craving type with the gender of the baby. This is not proven by science and remains as speculation.

Tips for Handling Pregnancy Cravings:

  • Supplement your food with ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals, as this can reduce the cravings.
  • Choose lower fat and low calorie options, as these are healthier for you and your baby.
  • Regularly check your iron and vitamin levels.