Pregnancy after C-section

November 06, 2015 07:43 PM

Did you undergo a C-section and have questions on when you can become pregnant again? And when can you be sure that the wound in your abdomen is healed?


A C-section is a surgical procedure conducted by a surgeon by making a small incision in the abdomen and uterus, so that the fetus can be pulled out. The procedure doesn’t take very long. In some cases, a C-section is necessary, or if the mother requests it.


The wound is completely healed three months after the birth of your baby. However, doctors advise waiting at least one full year before getting pregnant again. If the mother wants a natural birth, then more than a one year wait is recommended. This is because a new pregnancy causes dilation in the abdominal muscles and tightens the skin, which could possibly affect the old wound and cause a hernia. The mother can also be exposed to other problems, such as the lowering of the placenta to the bottom of the uterus. However, the chances of these complications are small.


The longer you wait after a C-section, the better the healing of the wound will be. One of the benefits of waiting is that the mother’s body can return to its natural state and vitamins and minerals are restored to their natural levels. Pregnancy is an exhausting procedure and several months are needed in order to get back to normal.