Is there a relation between emotional state and late pregnancy?

October 28, 2015 04:03 PM

“A friend of mine has been married for 4 years, but hasn’t been able to get pregnant despite undergoing a variety of medical tests and checkups. The answer is always: “You are not in need of treatment. Everything is fine. Keep trying.” Until one doctor advised her and her husband to go on a trip and take a break. So, they did this and it turned out well for them, they got pregnant.”


There is no doubt that high stress levels and fatigue can indirectly affect the chances of getting pregnant. Pregnancy requires hormonal balance, which requires good physical and emotional health.


Stress and constant emotional traumas affect the lining of the womb negatively leading to contractions and relaxations of the uterus’ muscles. This could affect ovulation by delaying it or stopping it completely. It can also affect the stability of the egg in the reproductive tract.


Emotional stress and tension may affect the menstrual cycle, thus affecting the occurrence of pregnancy, but do not forget that there are other reasons for an irregular menstrual cycle. If we rule out other factors, we can focus on dealing with the emotional factor.


This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever be stressed, since we all go through stressful times during our daily lives. But it is important to relax from time to time, as well as time managing between home and work, so that you don’t get too stressed. You can also take up some recreational exercises to release the tension and be well physically and mentally.