Combining Breastfeeding with Formula Feeding

December 02, 2017 08:09 PM

The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous for both the mother and the baby. It strengthens the connection between mother and baby, in addition to the numerous nutritional benefits breastfeeding has for the baby, providing all of the nutrients he needs for a healthier physical development, as well as strengthening his immune system.

However, sometimes a mother may be forced to introduce formula feeding for her baby. There are many factors that may cause this, such as the baby not gaining enough weight from breastfeeding, or if the mother has an illness or because of her busy schedule.


  • Consequences of using formula milk:

The more you breastfeed your baby, the more it helps you lactate, as lactation is primarily based on the frequency of breastfeeding.

If you wish to switch to a formula option for feeding your baby, consult with your doctor, as it could have a negative impact, making your baby refuse to be breastfed later.

Regardless, some mothers find it necessary to use both types of feeding for their babies, as it can help her enjoy her time outside the home, feeling relaxed that her family can feed the baby whenever he’s hungry.


  • Important tips for combining breastfeeding with formula feeding:
    • Once you feel you have a sufficient amount of milk in your breasts, use the breast pump to extract the milk and store it to feed your child before considering switching to a formula.
    • Consider delaying formula feeding until after the 6th or 8th week to give your baby sufficient time to get used to breastfeeding, and for you to get used to the lactation process.
    • Gradually decrease the amount of breastfeeding to avoid problems such as breast congestion and fever. Try to introduce a routine for your baby to drink formula once at night, and so on.
    • Organize breastfeeding and formula feeding depending on your schedule. For example, use breastfeeding when you are at home and formula when you are away.
    • If your baby refuses the formula at first, try experimenting with other brands, check the milk temperature, or ask for assistance.