When You Should Avoid Vaccinating Your Child

December 02, 2017 07:27 PM

Vaccination is very important for children in order to protect them from illness and disease. With the available immunization programs, you can protect your child from potentially life-threatening diseases such as chickenpox, hepatitis B and rotavirus.

However, there are a few cases where you should delay your child’s vaccinations, as follows:

  • If your child shows an allergic reaction to any vaccination shots.
  • If your child is sick.
  • If your child is on cortisone as a treatment for an existing condition.
  • If your child has cancer, or an autoimmune disease such as AIDS.
  • If your child suffers from a chronic disease such as a heart condition or kidney or liver disease.
  • If your child is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Respecting the vaccination schedule for your child, you should never vaccinate before the designated age for each shot.