Preparation for Breastfeeding

December 02, 2017 07:17 AM

During pregnancy, the female body is naturally ready for breastfeeding. However, there are a few techniques you can use to help accelerate lactation. There are also some precautions to take to avoid common complications caused by breastfeeding, such as dryness and inflammation of the nipples.

How to Prepare Yourself for Breastfeeding:
• Smoothly massage your breast towards your nipple, as this movement can help accelerate lactation.
• Use a proper moisturizer for the breast area to eliminate dryness and cracked skin.
• Thoroughly cleanse your breasts with warm water and dry them without soap, as soap can easily dry out the skin.
• Use a high-quality bra for breastfeeding, as this can support your back.
• You can use nursing pads to help eliminate milk moisture in the area.
• While breastfeeding, use a supporting pillow for your baby, as this can help you avoid back and neck pain.
• Before using a breast pump, wash your hands well.
• Start training yourself early on how to use a breast pump, especially if you are a working mother, in order to get used to it.